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Act 135

he Abandoned and Blighted Property Conservatorship Act, often referred to as Act 135, is a law that provides a mechanism for neighbors, businesses and non-profit organizations to address certain residential, commercial or business properties in their community that they feel are neglected and detrimentally affecting the community.

Through the Act neighbors, businesses or nonprofit organizations can petition the Court for the appointment of a conservator. A conservator is a third party appointed by the Court to take control of a blighted and abandoned property to make repairs necessary to return the property to productive use.

If appointed, a conservator becomes the virtual owner of the property and acquires both the power and responsibility for rehabilitating and selling the property. The cost of the conservatorship and the rehabilitation of the property are deducted from the sale of the property.

While Act 135 can be used to improve a neighborhood it can also result in the property owner losing control and ownership rights of the property with little or no compensation.

If you are served with a Petition under this act it is important that you act promptly or a Conservator may be appointed by default and you may lose control and rights of ownership in your property.

Whether you need to respond to a petition under the act to save your property from a conservatorship or are interested in using the Act to address a blighted property in your community it is important that you have experienced and knowledgeable representation.

We are a small firm experienced with Act 135 and committed to providing effective representation, giving our clients personal attention and expedient service.

For more information about Act 135 or your rights under the act please contact our office to schedule an appointment